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Matte foundations and makeup tend to “suck” out the oil on the skin, making it less shiny and therefore allowing you to achieve that beautiful matte look. However, this presents a problem for those of us with dry skin as we need the oil to provide lubrication and to keep our skin less dry.

If you’ve got dry skin and want to use a matte foundation or makeup, here are my suggestions:

How to Apply Full Coverage Matte Foundation On Dry Skin

  1. Use a Hydrating Primer – This type might work best for those with combination skin. First, study your face and find locations that have dry skin you want to cover. Use the hydrating primer on those areas first and then apply a thin layer of matte foundation on top. The hydrating primer will provide moisturization for your skin and provide protection from the “sucking” power of the matte foundation.
  2. Use a Matte Finishing Spray – The purpose of matte finishing sprays is to reduce shine on the skin surface and they usually work best for setting powder foundation. However, you can spray it lightly on top of liquid foundations to reduce the shine and give you that matte look. A good Matte spray is the MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Matte.
  3. Put Your Focus on a Better Skin Care Routine – Consider why you have dry skin in the first place. Are you using any night creams or face masks? Are you doing your due diligence in taking care of your skin and body? Are you staying hydrated throughout the day?

Remember, foundations and other makeup products are used primary to cover skin impurities or highlight facial features. They should not be considered as substitutes for your skin care products.