Home Is Liquid or Powder Better For Full Coverage?
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Liquid foundation and powder foundation can both be used to achieve a full coverage look. The best foundation for you depends on your skin type. One may work better than the other when it comes to hiding those pesky unwanted blemishes. I have detailed the pros and cons of full coverage liquid foundations and full-coverage powder foundations below so you can find the best fit for your makeup routine!

Full Coverage Liquid Foundations – Liquid full coverage foundations are popular because it works well with almost every skin type, whether it’s dry, oily, sensitive, or normal. Liquid full coverage foundations are made with highly pigmented formulas to help conceal even the most stubborn of skin imperfections.

However, like with all liquid foundations, full-coverage liquid foundations do have a tendency to look wet and shiny on the skin, especially if you’re prone to perspiring through the day, or have oily skin. The added moisture and oil can get into the lines of your face and any textured blemishes, which will result in an unflattering, cakey appearance.

Full Coverage Powder Foundations – Full coverage powder foundations are generally pressed rather than in loose jars. Pressed powder can deliver a more buildable coverage to achieve a full coverage appearance. Full coverage powders are great for those with oily skin, as it works to absorb any excess oil that may accumulate throughout the day.

Avoid using full-coverage powder foundations if you have dry skin. Powder foundations can make your skin appear flakey and dry as the powder settles into the parts of your face that have dried out, which can be very noticeable after application.