Home How Do You Make Your Existing BB Cream Waterproof?
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The beauty in the simplicity and feather-light quality of a BB cream, allows it to be layered with other skin care products for greater efficacy. If you don’t have time to purchase a waterproof BB cream, don’t despair, because you can create your own. There are actually 2 ways of doing it and it really depends on the activity that you will be doing. Let me explain:

Waterproofing Your BB Cream for Swimming

If you are going for a swim, the easiest way to waterproof your BB cream is to “seal” it with a waterproof setting spray.  Apply your makeup as you do normally and then set everything down with the spray. Keep in mind that setting sprays do wear off over time and need to be reapplied. If you are planning to submerge your face in the water, setting sprays will not be able to hold all of your makeup in place. However, it’s a great product for a quick dip in the pool or if you are looking to splash around at the beach.

Waterproofing Your BB Cream For Sweaty Sports or Activities

Applying primer before your BB cream will help your BB cream will stay in place. Most makeup artists believe that a decent primer acts as a wonderful “double-sided tape.”

Another excellent product to pair with your BB cream for waterproof effectiveness is a mineral-based powder. A layer of mineral powder over your BB cream is still like a wispy feather. It won’t clog pores, will provide some SPF, and still remain water-proof. In addition, the mineral powder is packed with naturally pure ingredients, so it’s complexion-friendly.

Mineral powder layered over BB cream is perfect for women of all skin types. The finely powdered texture is light-reflective, which shows off bone structure and hides skin imperfections.