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Trying to salvage mismatched foundation in order to make it darker can be arduous and frustrating  especially after spending a lot of time choosing your foundation, and paying a pretty penny for that foundation. How do you deal with this issue without having to spend even more time and money replacing your products?

Luckily, there are some simple beauty hacks that can solve the problem, and keep you from having to dig into your wallet. One quick fix comes from professional makeup artist and E! Style Collective beauty pro Ashley Rebecca who suggests that you mix liquid bronzer to your foundation to deepen the color and add an overall healthy looking glow. Professional makeup artist Wayne Goss also has a brief, excellent YouTube vlog on how to change your foundation undertone. The key is to use appropriate adjusters (water or silicone based) in black, white, brown, red, blue, green, and yellow, which will deepen or lighten your color by addressing your undertones.

Another approach according to Bellasugar (via allure.com), is to use your too-light foundation with a layer of darker powder on top. Because almost no one has the same skin color throughout their face (skin is lighter in the middle of the face and darker towards the perimeter), this solution can work well for most people, and it’s a nice way of developing natural angles around the face. You can also use powdered bronzer over your foundation for subtle darkening and a sun kissed effect. For a demonstration on how to darken foundation with bronzer take a look at this short vlog from YouTube channel The Makeup Chair.