Home How to Match Korean BB Cream to Yellow Skin?
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Because many BB creams are made in Korea, it’s easy for girls with yellow undertones to find a great match.

To choose the right shade, start by finding a product that suits your needs, from price range to consistency. Ideally, it should have a wide color range that provides you with a number of options.

If you can, test the product before you purchase it. Find a local makeup store that lets customers sample products and experiment with a few shades. The best way to choose a shade of face makeup is by applying shades to a clean jaw line. Draw a sizeable smudge along the jaw, and then check to see whether the shade disappears or not. If it does, it matches your skin tone. If it doesn’t, keep looking for the perfect shade.

If you’re thinking about buying a BB that’s not available in your area, there are still ways to ensure a good color match. First, narrow the available shades down to the three you think might suit your yellow undertones. Then, search the internet for swatches and reviews. For the most popular brands and products, you’ll probably be able to find photos of the BB creams you’re considering buying. Adjust your expectations for lighting, and then choose the shade that best suits your skin.

People with yellow undertones can have a hard time finding the perfect foundation shade. Korean BB creams, however, offer you a wide array of options. Regardless of your budget or skin type, you’ll be able to find the BB cream that’s right for you.