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This is actually a very common question that I get from my readers. After all, why waste perfectly good moisturizer or sunblock when it can be mixed with your makeup. RIGHT?

Yes! You can mix your foundation with your moisturizer or sunblock. 

Whenever you “mix and match” different products together, you have to consider a couple of things:

1) Shade – What shade is your moisturizer or sunblock? You may have found the perfect shade of foundation only to ruin it by adding sunblock to lighten or darken the shade. If you are keen on mixing your sunblock or moisturizer together, you need to do extra detective work to figure out whether or not the mixture of these 2 products will yield the shade that you are looking for.

2) Consistency – How are you mixing these 2 products together? From experience, the hardest thing about mixing foundation with other makeup products is to maintain the consistency of the mixture afterwards. For example, lazy and uneven mixtures may yield to blotchiness, leading to shade differences on your skin.

3) Coverage – Your foundation was created to do 1 thing and that is to cover imperfectness on your skin. Once you start mixing it with other products, you lose the original coverage power of the foundation. If you really want to, you can experiment a little by mixing different amounts of products together. However, I won’t recommend this as I’ve seen little success and a whole lot of time wasted. Do you really want to be messing around with your coverage if you are in a rush or late for work?

4) Compatibility – Some products just don’t mix well with others and there is no guarantee that combining the products together will give you the combined effects that you were hoping for. You are welcomed to try things out but don’t be surprised if things didn’t turn out the way you thought.

Therefore, with the above points in mind. You need to experiment a little with the products that you want to mix together. If you are not confident or don’t have to time to experiment, it’s better to go look for foundations that have a moisturizing or sunblock feature built in.

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I hope that you have found my answer helpful!