Home Should You Use Drugstore Concealers For Acne Skin?
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If you’re thinking about using drugstore concealers for acne skin, you might be thinking if drugstore concealers are really good enough to cover your acne. From my own experience, I’ve found that most drugstore concealers do a great job. Here are a couple of things to watch out for when selecting a concealer for acne:

# 1 – Choose Oil Free: A good way to control your acne is to keep your oil under control. However, it’s important to understand that not all oils are bad for acne skin. According to Dr. Doris Day at ShareCare.com, essential oils used in fragrances are normally not a problem for acne skin.

Furthermore, Dr. Day explains that oil-free products are divided into two groups: strictly oil-free and borderline oil-free. Strictly oil-free products contain no oil while borderline oil-free products contain ingredients that behave like oil but is not oil. These ingredients are called esters.

People with acne-prone skin should stick to products that are strictly oil-free.

# 2 – Green Tint works Best: Green tints help to neutralize redness and make them less noticeable. I usually recommend green concealers for clients who have really bright red blemishes or acne that is hard to conceal.

The idea behind this trick is simple. Red and green belong on the opposite sides of the color wheel. When mixed together, the redness becomes duller, and becomes much easier for you to cover up this mixture with a foundation.

# 3 – Contains Benzoyl Peroxide: Benzoyl Peroxide is a great acne-fighting ingredient. This is because it is great for unclogging pores. It also kills acne-clogging bacteria. If you’re looking for a concealer that works well with acne, also look for benzoyl peroxide as one of the ingredients. I have also written a guide on the best acne concealers. Check out the guide if you want to find out more.

Although not exactly a drugstore concealer, Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer has worked well for me in the past. It’s an oil-free green tinted concealer that contains Benzoyl Peroxide.

If you’re set on a drugstore brand, try Maybelline New York Cover Stick Concealer (Green). It’s very good for covering blemishes and redness. The price is also very reasonable. It doesn’t contain Benzoyl Peroxide so you might need to apply acne cream to the affected area first before using this product.