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Matte foundations are the type of foundations that do not have any shine to them. They are the preferred type of foundation for people with oily skin. Matte foundations are used for absorbing the oil on the skin and reducing shine.

Matte foundations often come in powder form. Powder foundations are excellent oil absorbers which is why they make great matte foundations. You will also be able to find matte foundations in liquid form.

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Here is how matte and liquid foundations compare:

Matte Powder Foundations:

– Ideal for Oily Skin
– Less chance to block pores
– Less coverage than matte liquid foundations
– Feels lighter than matte liquid foundations

Matte Liquid Foundations:

– Ideal for Normal to Oily Skin
– Good for blemishes but may cause breakouts
– Easier to blend
– Coverage is buildable

How do you know which one is best for you? To check, simply wash your face and leave it without makeup for about 2 hours. When the time is up, go check up in front of a mirror and observe the following:

– How much oil did you produce?
– Do you have a lot of redness, acne, or other trouble areas that need coverage?

If you see that you had produced a lot of oil in the 2 hours but you don’t have obvious trouble areas that need special coverage, then choosing a matte powder foundation would work best for you. The powder will absorb your oil. You will need to monitor your coverage from time to time and pad on more powder during the day if the oil comes back.

If you see that you have produced a lot of oil and have large areas on your skin that require coverage, then selecting a matte liquid foundation would work best. Since the coverages provided by liquid foundations are buildable, you can control your coverage and only apply as much as you need to cover blemishes. Matte liquid foundations may cause breakouts, this does not happen in all cases and it really depends on the product that you are using.

If you do choose a liquid matte foundation, keep in mind that they may settle into cracks and fine lines. As matte foundations are designed to have a dryer finish, they may dry up quickly in cracks, forming wrinkle-like patterns. To combat this, consider using a moisturizer underneath the foundation. This may reduce the matte look, but at least it looks better than wrinkles right?