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How to Wear Combat Boots in 2023 (Jeans, Dresses & More) w/ Pics

by Sandy Taylor

Combat boots are super trendy this year. We did extensive research on some of the most popular ways to wear combat boots. In this post, you will find tips to wear combat boots with skinny jeans and dresses. We’ve also provided some tips for people with shorter legs, plus-sized and older age.


How to Wear Combat Boots with Skinny Jeans

This is one of the more common pairings you’ll see with combat boots. Skinny jeans give the wearer a way to accent their natural shape, ending in the solid colors of combat boots that assist in highlighting the rest of the wearer’s outfit.

The best way to wear combat boots with skinny jeans is to tuck the skinny jeans into the combat boots. The key is to have a clean, perfect line from your legs to your feet. If you’ve got a different length to your jeans, you can still tuck them in, but be aware of any bunching or puffiness that takes away from that clean line.


Here are some tips for wearing combat boots with skinny jeans:

Tip 1 – Wear a Straight Cut: If you want to go with a different style of jeans, make sure that they aren’t too long with a straight cut, as that can lay over your boots in an odd way. Have your jeans flare at the ends to cover part of your combat boots in a more natural-looking way or utilize cropped jeans to not have to worry about tucking anything into your boots.

Because most combat boots are a bit chunkier than other boots you can wear with jeans, this will actually give the illusion that your legs are wider, accenting your natural curves without over-exaggerating them. What’s great about combat boots is that they come in different styles and colors, so you have a plethora to choose from when you’re looking to spice up an outfit.

Tip 2 – Choose Black: In terms of the color of your boots, that depends on whether or not your jeans are darker or lighter. Classic black is a good way to go, but if you’re looking for something with a little more color without getting too flashy, try a heather grey for a softer look. That’s not to say that other colors of combat boots won’t look good with your skinny jeans.

Tip 3 – Try a Bodysuit: If you’re looking for a dynamic way to utilize the skinny jeans and combat boots combo, try a bodysuit. The uniform-colored, form-fitting fabric of a black bodysuit can amplify the body shape that your skinny jeans are already accentuating. Pair that with a set of black combat boots for a solid look that will definitely turn some heads.

How to Wear Combat Boots with a Dress

The dichotomy that comes with the pleats or skits of a dress compared to the hard, sturdiness of combat boots is one that should be explored more often. These two items can be paired to what seems like surprising results, so long as you’re aware of your styles.

Although it might seem like an odd combination, dresses that have ruffles at their ends can accentuate the combat boots that you wear. This is great for shorter dresses and skirts, balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of your outfit perfectly. Going for a longer dress, so long as it doesn’t brush the ground, still shows off your boots, but introduces a more sleek and elegant style.


If you’re looking to try out this pair, first decide on the type of outfit you’re looking to put together. Is this something that’s a bit more relaxed or are you looking for a more uniform style that can be deemed a bit more fancy? Depending on the length and style of your dress, combat boots can add a different flair than if you were to go with flats or high heels.

Here are some tips for wearing combat boots with a dress:

Tip 1- Choose Contrast Colors Between Boots and Dress: Make sure that you’re watching the colors of both your dress and your shoes. The key to any outfit is balance, so having a spring-colored dress paired with black combat boots will make the bottom of your outfit seem heavier, color-wise. Utilize darker dresses with combat boots or find boots with a lighter design that flows along with your dress.

Tip 2 – Wear Tights: Dresses are also a great way to pair up tights with combat boots. There are dozens of different styles and textures you can take advantage of in order to create a unique, not to mention warm, look. You don’t have to wait until spring to show off your newest dress; combine it with a matching pair of tights and combat boots and you’re ready for the cold weather.

How to Wear Combat Boots with Short Legs

For women with short legs, combat boots are not off the table. Just like any other shoe, so long as they work with the outfit that you’re styling, they can become an integral part of pulling a fresh, new look together. Utilize them as a way to accentuate your body and, if need be, allow them to act as a way to make you appear taller.

Longer boots can make your legs look shorter since they’re going past your ankle and can go up to your knees. For women who have shorter legs, keep to the style of combat boots that just reach your ankle. If you have shorter legs, consider anything shorter than your knees instead of long boots.


Here are some tips for wearing combat boots with short legs:

Tip 1- Longer Cut Jeans: Regardless of how short or long your legs are, jeans and combat boots are a tried and true match. Instead of tucking the ends of your jeans into your boots, consider a longer cut that has your jeans covering a majority of the boots. This will give the impression that your legs are longer if you’re attempting a style to accentuate that.

Tip 2 – Wear Grey or Black: For the color of your boots, try not to go too dark, as this can weigh down your outfit and cancel out any height you’re attempting to gain. A grey that’s not too dark or even a brown can pull an outfit together, without drawing the attention from your boots.

Tip 3 – Try Heeled Combat Boots: If you’re able to find them, consider heeled combat boots. There are some with a chunky heel that can give you a bit of height without it looking like you have a fully-heeled shoe. As with most heeled shoes, they can also extend the look of your leg.

How to Wear Combat Boots when Plus Sized

Never let anything like your body type or pants size dictate you from wearing what you want. The goal of clothing is to make you feel good when you’re wearing them and that you’re looking the best you can. Regardless of body type, combat boots are an awesome way to accentuate your outfits.

A great way to wear combat boots when plus-sized is to utilize your combat boots with long coats and leggings in the winter or cropped pants in the summer. If you choose to wear cropped pants, having them have a cuff at the end can give your look a more relaxed feel. Utilize a brown or brown-grey-colored boot to bring your look together.


Here are some tips for wearing combat boots when plus-sized:

Tip 1 – Try Jeans and Maxi Dresses: While there should be ways to get the same types of clothing regardless of the brand or store, there can still be places where you’ll find varying styles depending on your body type. Jeans and combat boots seem to be the baseline of what you can do, but wearing combat boots with maxi dresses is another way to accessorize.

Tip 2 – Wear Shorter Combat Boots: Keep in mind that it might be best to stick with shorter combat boots for these looks, as depending on your body type, anything longer can be constricting. You want to be comfortable in what you’re wearing; don’t try to wear something that will make you uncomfortable.

Tip 3 – Experiment With Shorts: If you’re comfortable with them, wearing shorts with combat boots with a bit more length can give your legs a slimmer look. If shorts aren’t for you, pairing combat boots with mid-length or full skirts, paired with a dark sweater or shirt, is also sure to make a statement.

How to Wear Combat Boots over 60

Fashion has no set age and anyone who says differently is lying. If you’re over the age of sixty and have a pair of combat boots you’d like to accessorize with, then wear them out! It’s likely that combat boots were in style when you were younger, so break out those boots if you still have them or grab another pair.

Combat boots have more of a masculine feel to them, due to their style, but it’s with the addition of flowy items that they can become so much more. For people over 60, wearing combat boots with oversized ruffle dresses and skirts definitely brings an interesting balance to your outfits.

Pairing them with jeans is always a good bet, but try and wear them with cropped pants for a more military look that works in tandem with your boots. If you want to stick with jeans try an oversized sweater as your shirt for a different type of look.

If there was an outfit you wore when combat boots soared in style, see if you can translate that outfit into today’s fashions. Back then, the solid black of a pair of combat boots was a statement that stood the test of time. Now with the new era, there are all new colors and combinations to consider. Who knows, you may become the fashion inspiration to those who are just discovering the combat boot trend!

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