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White Concealer: What It’s Used For & How to Use It (Guide)

by Sandy Taylor

White concealers are underrated makeup products that can come in handy in your makeup routine if you know how to use them.

In this post, we will go over everything you need to know about white concealers and the proper ways to use them for dark circles, colored eyeshadow, and cut crease looks.


What Is White Concealer Used For?

White concealer is mainly used as a base coverage product to help your other makeup products show better and maintain their true colors. 

White concealer may not seem like something that you could use every day, but it should be a staple for your makeup drawer. While white concealer presents a sharp contrast to your skin tone, regardless of the amount of melanin you have, it presents the perfect base to showcase the color of other types of makeup.

White concealer can be used on its own as a way to get a more vivid color pop out of eyeshadow. Mixing white concealer with your foundation can create a lighter color you can use as a highlighter for your face. You can mix it with lipstick to lighten the color. Regardless of how you utilize it, white concealer isn’t just something you need to break out on certain occasions. 

How To Use White Liquid Concealer

Like any liquid concealer, white liquid concealer can be applied in the same ways that you would use your normal concealer. You can pump white concealer onto your skin and then use a beauty blender to thin it out. If you already have primer or foundation on your face, you can apply the concealer directly to a beauty blender as a way to control what parts of your skin are being blended.

If you’re not going to be blending the white concealer, then you can utilize makeup brushes as a way of application. For using concealer like face paint, it may be best to utilize a thin paintbrush to apply it. For full-face coverage, a large brush for application and a beauty blender to thin out heavy spots works well. This type of concealer is good for makeup artists that focus on more dynamic looks that require makeup for stage shows or events.

How To Use White Concealer for Under Eyes Dark Circles (White Concealer Hack)

A popular white concealer hack that’s been trending is to use white concealer against dark circles. The hack is to use a white concealer around the skin under your eyes to cover up the dark spots before putting on foundation. You can use your finger or a beauty blender to put the white concealer on, but make sure that it’s evenly layered on your skin.

Dark circles are caused when the skin underneath your eyes becomes paler, revealing the blood vessels beneath your skin. They can be caused by anything from issues with sleep, dehydration, anemia, or genetics, but they are not something that you would want to have.

From there, you can put on your foundation as normal after the white concealer sets. The foundation’s coverage will be complete without any jarring transitions to a lighter color and you can rest assured that your dark circles will be hidden from the world.

How To Apply White Concealer for Cut Crease Look

Applying white concealer to your eye can create a bold cut crease look to make your eyes pop. In order to create the perfect cut crease look, you’ll need to utilize the white liquid concealer as your base. You can use a white powder concealer if you’ve already applied another color of liquid foundation or primer, but this limits you to only having your crease be white.

For creating a cut crease with white liquid concealer:

Step 1: Choose a white concealer that can double as a primer, as this will have maximum staying power and can assist with the control of oil on your lids.

Step 2: Apply a small drop of the white concealer onto your ring finger and gently pat over your lid. This allows you to control how much you’re putting on without overdoing it. Only apply the concealer from the upper lash line to the brow bone. Ensure your entire lid is covered.

Step 3: Once you have a layer of your concealer on one lid, do the same to the other.

Step 4: Allow the concealer to set on your lids. While this is happening, choose the eyeshadow that you want to apply.

Step 5: After the concealer has been set, use a soft bristle flat brush to apply your eyeshadow to your lids. Try not to press too hard on your lids; the white concealer will do the work of making sure the color pops, so don’t put a lot of shadow on if you don’t have to. The eyeshadow you choose should be a light color.

Step 6: Choose a darker eyeshadow and apply it with a slim eyeshadow pencil brush to the crease of your eyelid. Start to apply pressure to your crease as you near the middle of your eyelid for a more dynamic look.

Step 7: Use a blending brush with soft bristles to blend your colors together.

What’s great about white concealer is that you can put whatever color you want on top of it, which will allow for a pop that you won’t be able to get with just eyeshadow and primer. The cut crease look is perfect to show off a dynamic look and having bright and vivid colors will make that look even better.

Not sure which eye makeup style works best with your eyelid? Check out my post on the 5 Common Types of Eyelids, how to recognize them, and makeup tips for each type.

How To Use White Concealer Before Applying Colorful Eyeshadow

One of the greatest uses of white concealer is to use it as a base and put on more colorful makeup. As with the cut crease, the concealer can be applied directly to your eyelid with the use of your finger or a makeup brush. This gives you a blank canvas to put whatever color you want on top and have that color pop, regardless of your base skin tone.

There are some colors that many of us want to try on, but our skin tones can mute the color and not have it appear as vividly as it is in a palette. Some colors don’t appear at all on certain skin tones. I know I’ve experienced the disappointment of opening up a pallet that I’ve been waiting for weeks to be delivered, only to see that the colors don’t look as vibrant as they should with my skin.

Using white concealer allows you to have a base color that much more colors are able to be seen on. You can apply the concealer to your eyelid for a canvas to paint your shadow on or blend it with your skin tone’s foundation to create a highlighted look that can easily reveal more vivid colors.

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