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How to Change Your Lip Shape Without Surgery

by Sandy Taylor

Many people are not satisfied with the shape of their lips. Surgeries and injections are good options but there are a lot of risks involved. It’s also quite costly and it’s simply isn’t for everyone. If you’re serious in exploring different lip shapes, there are great makeup techniques to change the appearance of your lips without surgery.

In this post, I connected with beauty experts and makeup artists and asked them to provide me their best tips for changing your lip shape with makeup. I’ve also provided some tips on changing your lip shape without makeup.


How to Make Your Lips Bigger and Softer With Makeup

Kerry E Yates, CEO of Colour Collective, is a talented beauty expert and makeup artist.  She started her career as a makeup artist working for Clinique and traveling the USA hosting beauty events.  She shares a tried and true method for reshaping the lip area that does not involve anything painful whether it be needles or pinching your fingers! See below for details on how to create bigger, thicker, plumper and softer looking lips!

Supplies Needed

  • Gel hydrator typically used on the face; do not use an oil based product
  • Concealer, stick form is preferred
  • Neutral lip pencil, similar shade to your natural lip color
  • Preferred Lip Color
  • Tissue
  • Favorite makeup sponge; of course my favorite is from Quick Beauty, the diamond perfecting blender is my go to makeup tool

Step By Step Instructions

  1. On a clean lip, apply a very small amount of your gel hydrator. This will fill in any dry ridges of the lip especially along the lip line.
  2. Blend away any excess product prior to proceeding to the next step.
  3. Using your concealing stick, apply a thin layer along the lip line. Taking either your sponge or fingers, blend downward into the physical lip area. The idea is to camouflage your natural lip color thus concealing the lip shape.
  4. Now with your neutral colored lip liner draw what you would consider your ultimate lip shape. I like to start at the cupid’s bow then working the neutral liner to the edges. Here is the trick, don’t go too big. Honestly I find it best to just stay on the outside of your natural lip line to create a fuller lip look that appears real vs. fake. Remember, we are trying to create a slightly larger lip with more defined features like a defined cupids bow. The idea is to enhance what you got
  5. After creating your perfect shape, feather the neutral lip liner inside the lip shape. Think of it has coloring inside the lines. Once completed you are now ready for your preferred lip color
  6. Apply your favorite lip color as normal but make sure to apply your preferred shade within the new lip lines.
  7. Blot with tissue and reapply. For a more intense effect you can even apply a third time if needed.
  8. To ensure your lip line is flawless take the pointed edge of a beauty sponge that has been colored with your concealer and sweep across the edge to better define the line.

The process is officially complete, enjoy your “bigger, better” lips!

How to Make your Lips Smaller in 5 Minutes

Sydney M. Kaplan, Makeup Artist from NYC, provided me her top tips for making your lips smaller and with makeup. You can do this routine in less than 5 minutes.

If this is something you want to try, Sydney suggests to do the following:

  1. Choose a lip liner in a slightly darker color than your lipstick
  2. Line your lips while making sure to underdraw your cupid’s bow as well as the two bottom corners of your bottom lip.
  3. Blend the lip liner into your lips with a small brush
  4. Apply lipstick
  5. Apply a nude, light pink or clear lip gloss to the middle of the top and bottom lips
  6. Blend and enjoy those luscious lips!

How to Change Your Lip Shape Without Makeup

If makeup isn’t your thing, you can try to exfoliate your lips to make them bigger, more plump and soft. The easiest way to do it is with a DIY lip scrub.

Here’s How to Change Your Lip Shape without Makeup:

  1. Prepare The Scrub – Mix one teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of sugar. Sugar is used here because it’s a great natural exfoliant. The honey helps to moisturize your lips.
  2. Clean You Lips – Gently clean your lips with water to remove any dead-skin on the surface.
  3. Use a Toothbrush – Using a toothbrush, add a bit of scrub you prepared in step one and gently rub the scrub on your lips with the bristles of the toothbrush. Don’t push too hard. Work in a circular motion for about 2 minutes.
  4. Use Lip Balm – Your lips should now look fuller and bigger. Apply moisturizing lip balm to your lips to help protect the delicate skin.  If you are exfoliating in the morning, use a lip-balm with SPF.

BTW. If you don’t want to use scrub, I’ve written a post on the best methods you can use to exfoliate your lips without scrub.  Check it out if you have time!

Also, check out my guide on waxing the upper lip for a clean look!


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