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How To Know Your Lip Shape (w/ Pictures & Enhancement Tips)

by Sandy Taylor

You look beautiful no matter your lip shape. However, if you are looking for ways to know your lip shape and enhance its appearance, this post may help you.

This post will teach you how to identify the 9 most common lip shapes. I’ve also provided some easy makeup tips that you can use to enhance each lip shape.

Note that the enhancement tips provided below are for the improvement of your existing lip shape. Check out my guide on how to change your lip shape without surgery if you’re looking to try a different lip shape.


Full Lips

Full lips are the most common type of lips. They can be easily identified because the lower and the upper lips are of equal plump and thickness.


How to Glam your Full Lips:

Tip 1: Using a liner to sharpen the corners and tapping highlighter on the cupid’s bow defines the lips more.
Tip 2: Use a nude or matte lip gloss on your full lips to make them more defined. You can also apply lipstick over the lip gloss to add more illusion of fullness.  Also, see my guide on matte lipstick tips and tricks.
Tip 3: Highlight your cheeks to make your face more balanced.

Heavy Upper Lips

To identify heavy upper lips, look at your upper lip and see if it’s broader than the lower lip. When the upper lips are larger, it does not have a defined cupid bow.


How to Make Heavy Upper Lips Look More Balanced:

Tip 1: You can extend the lower lip lining using a lip liner. This will make your lips seem more even.
Tip 2: To soften the top lip line, use a concealer.
Tip 3: Use a darker lip color shade on the upper lip and a slightly lighter shade on the lower lips. This makes the lips balance out, giving an even look to your lips.
Tip 4: Wax your upper lip to make it more defined. Check out my guide on some easy ways to wax your upper lip.

Wide Lips

Wide lips are more elongated to the sides of the face than being full. If you have a big smile that extends closer to the ears, you have wide lips.


Important Glam Tips for Wide Lips:

Tip 1: You can create shadows on the cupid bow and the corners to make them seem fuller than they are.
Tip 2: Apply a light or nude shade of lip color. This reduces the attention your wide lips create.
Tip 3: Use heavy eye makeup and highlight other parts of your face. You will be diverting all the attention from lips.

Round Lips

Round Lips have the top and the bottom lips at roughly the same widths. They are usually slightly less wide than full lips and have a round appearance. The cupid bow on the round lips type is very soft.


Important Glam Tips for Round Lips:

Tip 1: You can give your lips an elongated shape by lining the corners. Make sure the lining is closer to your natural lip line.
Tip 2: A glimmer of gloss in the center of the lip can give it a softer, more sophisticated appearance.
Tip 3: You can highlight the cupid to give your lips the V shape.

Heavy Lower Lips

The heavy Lower Lips lip shape looks like it sounds; Your lower lip is fuller or larger than the upper lip.


How to Make the Heavy Lower Lips More Alluring:

Tip 1: Line your lips by drawing just outside the natural lip line on the top lips to get a more balanced look—Line the lower lip on the insides.
Tip 2: Use a darker lip color shade on the lower lip and a bit lighter shade on the top lips.
Tip 3: Use a highlighter to define the v shape on the top lip.

Thin Lips

Thin lips are defined as upper and lower lips that have about the same plumpness and width are not as full as full lips. They are easily stretched thinner when you smile.


Glam Tips for Thin Lips:

Tip 1: Use a lip liner to draw just outside your natural lip line. This gives the lips a fuller look.
Tip 2: You can use a light brown shade lip liner on your lower lip to create a soft shadow effect. This makes your lips look more fuller.
Tip 3: Fill in with a pink liquid lip color. Pinks’ shiny and moisturizing feature reflects the most light. This makes your lips look fuller and extensive.

Bow-shaped Lips

People with bow-shaped lips tend to have a peaked cupid. The upper parts curls towards the nose, and the lower part curves towards the chin.


Makeup Tips for Bow-shaped Lips:

Tip 1: Use concealer or foundation to sharpen the bow.
Tip 2: Since you have a more pronounced cupid bow, use a foundation before applying lip color. The foundation mutes the more visible areas creating the lip shape you desire.
Tip 3: Use a darker color to create shadows on the corner of your lips.

Heart-Shaped Lips

People with this type of lips have a visible dip in the middle. Most of the time, the lower lip is heavier for people with Heart-shaped lips.


Glam Tips for Heart-shaped Lips:

Tip 1: Line your lips with a white pencil before applying lip gloss. This makes the lips look more balanced and naturally even.
Tip 2: Use the same shade of lip color on both your lips. This enhances the attractiveness of heart-shaped lips.
Tip 3: You can alternatively use the nude shade of lip color. Nude colors make the lips seem fuller.

Downward Turned Lips

Downward turned lips have slight dips at the corners. The corners do not meet hence the downturned nature. In most instances, the lower lip is smaller than the top.


How to Make Downward Turned Lips more Alluring:

Tip 1: To make the lips look more even, fill in the corners of your lips with a lip liner a bit darker than your lips. You should take the lip color upwards and outwards from your bottom lip.
Tip 2: Use a darker shade of lip color on the bottom lip and a lighter shade of the same color on the upper lip.
Tip 3: Go with the classic heavy eye makeup to take the attention away from your lips.

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