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Using a primer is an excellent way to ensure that your foundation lasts longer on your skin. However, there are other, less effective ways to make foundation last longer on your skin without using a primer.

Here are some ways to make your foundation last longer without a primer:

  1. Use oil blotting papers – If you let oil accumulate on your skin, it will eventually mix with your foundation, causing smudges. One way to combat this is to use oil blotting papers to control the oil when it emerges. The key here is balance, if you overdo it and suck too much oil from your skin, your skin will, in turn, produce even more oil! Oil blotting papers should only be used to keep oil levels down and NOT to eliminate oil altogether.
  2. Proper skincare routine – Properly taking care of your skin is essential to ensure that your foundation can stick to your skin better. A proper skincare routine should consist of ways to properly cleanse and moisturize your skin.
  3. Use waterproof foundation – Sweat is another culprit that contributes to the melting of foundation off your face. Consider using a waterproof foundation that has a higher chance of staying put even in the most humid condition. If you need to get an intro on waterproof foundations, I have written an entire article here.
  4. Seal foundation with powder – Assuming you have a similar shade of powder foundation that you can use to blot on top of your liquid foundation, sealing your foundation with powder can help to absorb oil that shows up at on your skin. Note that this method requires you to add powder from time to time in order to prolong the oil-absorbing effect.
  5. Use an oil-free foundation – For those of you with oily skin, clean your face first and then apply an oil-free foundation to substitute your regular foundation. You will find that due to its oil-free nature, the foundation will last longer on your skin. You still need to use oil blotting papers from time to time but oil-free foundations extend the amount of time that your foundation will stay on your face.

Another thing to consider is this: Why aren’t you using a primer? If your primer is causing breakout or oiliness, this simply means that you should switch it out. However, I wouldn’t recommend that you leave out primer in your makeup routine altogether. Primers simply do an excellent job at ensuring your making will last on your skin and its better to use it than to think of ways to avoid it.

I hope that you find my answer useful. Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help!