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Radiant, healthy skin has been best exemplified by superstar Jennifer Lopez. Her gorgeous signature dewy look makes her appear to be decades younger, and it’s been emulated by women around the world. While everyone’s skin is different, adjusting your existing full coverage foundation can help you achieve this look.

In order to create that dewy glow on your face, you can mix a moisturizer and lightweight facial oils (jojoba, argan, apricot),  to your liquid or cream-based full coverage foundation. Uses only a drip of oil in your foundation. The oil is what provides your skin with that beautiful dewy look.

I would say experiment with different amounts to find the combination that you like. Once you have applied the foundation, do not set it with powder. This is obvious as the powder will ruin the dewy look by absorbing the oil.

I find that lightweight oils work great with oil-based foundations and silicone-based foundations. Water-based moisturizers can be used with water-based foundations. Matching the foundation type with the right moisturizer or oil will allow your foundation to have that right dewy effect.

You don’t have to be too concerned about whether or not a certain brand of oil/moisturizer will mix with a certain brand of foundation. The mixture should be safe for most brands. However, don’t do it unless you are 100% comfortable with the mixture. Be sure to test the mixture on your skin to ensure that it’s the right combination for you.

In addition to adding moisturizers and oils to your foundation, prepping your skin before applying makeup is essential to ensuring that your foundation works properly.